President's Message - Nepal Library Foundation After Ten Years

Nepal Library Foundation, Canada celebrated its tenth anniversary in March 2015. Our founding mission statement was to ‘support library development in Nepal and the establishment of a national library system’.

Our work on the ground started in 2007 when we donated over 7000 books and seven computers to The Society for Kathmandu Valley Public Libraries. To date NLF Canada has raised over $150,000.

NLF assisted library “has changed the culture of the Academy” says Senior Supt Kharel of the Central Police Academy

In April 2015 the NLF assisted the Middle Region Police Training Centre in the upgrading of an existing library including provision of library management training, installation and configuration of an e-Pustakalaya networked server, and provision of books and computers donated by Dr Vijay Jha and Mr Kapil Thapa.

The NRN ‘Build a Library in Your Village’ Campaign

The NLF was officially recognised by the Non Resident Nepali organisation (NRN) in 2007 as a partner in fulfilling one of the NRN’s goals—that of promoting libraries and literacy, The NLF has positioned itself to provide cost effective project development and management services to schools and communities wishing to build and run libraries.

Nepal Earthquake - An Appeal

The Nepal Library Foundation family’s hearts go out to the people of Nepal at this time of suffering and tragedy.

Please consider sending a donation to the Red Cross or an organization of your choice. The Canadian Government will match any donation you make to the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) and possibly other organizations until May 28th. CRC donations will be passed directly to the Nepal Red Cross.

e-Pustakalaya for Janajagriti Ma Vi Baglung

An MOU has been signed between NLF Nepal and Janajagriti Ma Vi Baglung for establishment of e-pustakalaya. NLF is going to setup a library with 15 computers and install e-pustakalya software, train users for the School. It will also monitor and support the library once its established. The funds for this project has been provided by past students of the school with co-ordination from Som Sapkota, an NRN from Denmark.

The complete MOU can be found here.

Library Visit Report 2013

Between December 11 and December 24, 2013 Naresh Koirala, President along with Dhan Kumar Shrestha, NLF’s program officer, visited a number of libraries supported by NLF to:

Assess their uses and to try and understand the impact these libraries have made to the local community and
To understand the issues and problems they have faced moving forward

A Report on Shree Bishwawmitra Community Library, Lalitpur

On December 24, 2013 Naresh Koirala, President of Nepal Library Foundation (Canada) and Dhan Kumar Shrestha from the Nepal Library Foundation (Nepal) in Kathmandu, visited the Shree Bishwamitra Library where they met with the Library Management Committee and members of four Readers' Clubs in order to discuss how the community had benefitted from the establishment of the library. Most responses were extremely positive and included comments on:

NLF presentation in Atlanta, Georgia

A presentation on the works of Nepal Library Foundation is scheduled 15 March in Altanta Georgia. Anyone interested in attending is very much welcome.

The details of the event are as follows:

Date: March 15, 2014, Saturday
Time: 6-7 pm dinner, 7-9 pm presentation and q/a session
Venue: Himalayan Spice Restaurant, 2773 Clairmont Road, Atlanta, GA 30329

NLF thanks the Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) community for hosting the event.

Students of Sutherland School visit Nepal

In March this year, students of Sutherland School got the opportunity to see Nepal first hand and visit Prakash Library and Buddha Academy Boarding School that they have been supporting for a while now. The NLF is glad to know that the feedback students got from the visit was that Sutherland School's efforts have been "helping girls and women become self-sustaining and avoid early marriage".

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Held

On April 4, 2012 Nepal Library Foundation (NLF) hosted an “Appreciation Dinner” in Café Kathmandu, Vancouver, Canada to recognize local volunteers who have worked tirelessly over the last three years to raise funds for the Foundation. Thirty five people including the Foundation Directors attended. During the evening Naresh Koirala presented a slide show introducing different aspects of Nepal and, in particular, showing many of the libraries that NLF has supported. The volunteers saw, for the first time, the libraries supported with the funds they raised. Many were surprised by NLF’s accomplishment since its establishment six years ago. We hope that, someday some of the volunteers will visit our libraries and experience first hand the impact their work is making in the life of young people who had never seen a functioning library before. The visitors will certainly be made most welcome, in true Nepali style.